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Sweet Surprises!

by Barbara Wood last modified Dec 18, 2016 11:32

If you have visited my FB pages recently, you will have noticed that I changed my cover photo.  I've done this for a few years now on the first day of December.

The photo is my homage to the traditional Advent Calendar - it shows 24 thin books (of course, books) of various heights covered in red, shiny wrapping paper. Each one with a luggage label on it numbered 1-24 and with the string cut short so that it resembles a candle wick. All over them lined up on a magnificent mantel. The effect is quite stunning!



My Mom gave us a very simple Advent calendar every year - a cardboard rectangle, with a picture of the nativity, or a snowy scene, or perhaps Santa himself. Perforated squares were hidden all over the scene with a tiny number in the corner. First thing in the morning, before breakfast, I would scour the calendar to find the correct date. Once found, I would score the perforated edge and carefully open the "door". Behind it was a simple message, or poem, or a Bible text. No gift, no treat. Counting down the days until Christmas was gift enough I think. Every square opened meant that the 25th was nearer and nearer.

Kids today can still enjoy this simple type of Advent Calendar, though I think they may contain chocolate behind the doors. A sweet treat indeed. With pinterest there's an endless supply of ideas to make your own unique Advent Calendar: little hessian sacks, numbered 1-24 filled with a treat or a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree. Or bright green envelopes of various sizes attached to a wall in an arrangement that loosely resembles a Christmas tree. Each envelope marked with a date. I presume there is something flat and of the green paper variety inside each envelope ! So many creative and fun ideas to enjoy this season.

Whatever you are looking forward to this holiday season, I wish you a time of peace, love, and hopefully with a good book!



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