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In Front Of The Tomatoes

by Barbara Wood last modified Sep 13, 2017 07:05

I've mentioned before how I enjoy people watching as well as listening to people - their stories.  Sometimes, I observe or hear interesting, amusing, and sometimes shocking things.  And maybe, just maybe some of these are incorporated into a future character.   Well, I had such an encouter  yesterday . . .

I was shopping for groceries and had parked my cart near the apples and plums.  On the opposite side of the display stand stood an elderly man in front of the tomatoes.  He was blowing his nose into a tissue.  Not terribly interesting, I admit, but it was how he proceeded that made me stop and stare (I stared discreetly of course).  He blew, then carefully folded the tissue over, inspecting the contents as he did so, then blew again, then folded the tissue a different way.  I assumed he was trying to find a fresh bit of tissue each time.  He did this about 4 or 5 times.  He did this so carefully, so delicately, oblivious to anyone around him.  And it was all near the unprotected tomatoes!!

A fascinating look into someone's habits.  Inspiration can be found anywhere!



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