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Say What?

by Barbara Wood last modified Feb 21, 2018 18:57

I just read a funny article on how kids the Pledge of Allegiance.  I had these same problems when I was little.  For the life of me I couldn't figure out who "Liverdy" and Justice Verall" were, but I knew that they must be important people.  Or why we were pledging to four witches where they stand.  (My older and wiser fourth grader brother laughed and said I was stupid.  "Don't you know it's For Richard Stands?")  And why we were invisible under God  I mean, doesn't He see everything?

It reminded me of when I first learned my prayers before I could really read.  Hail Mary I got, and that she was "full of grapes"? I could understand.  But why did they give Jesus an extra name by calling him "Thywoom Jesus"?  And why were we asking Mary to bless his fruit?

I think I had to become a writer to clear things up.



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