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What's Blowing Your Way?

by Barbara Wood last modified Mar 04, 2018 09:09

So, how's your March going so far? This well known phrase refers to the weather and I my home land (England) is definitely feeling the lion right now.

March seems to be a month of sayings:

- A dry March and a wet May? Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
- As it rains in March so it rains in June.
- March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers

To the farmers of old, deciphering weather patterns was crucial. Looking to the constellations for inspiration was also employed: the placement of Leo (the lion) and Aries (the ram) during the month of March perhaps? At the beginning of March, Leo is in on the eastern horizon at sunset and at the end of March, Aries is on the western horizon at sunset.

For me, I just need to keep an umbrella handy.



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