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What's Up?

by Barbara Wood last modified Apr 29, 2018 20:54

When writing about a specific locale – whether a city or a country – it is wise to do your homework and make sure your characters engage in dialogue that suits the area.  Local jargon, slang and idioms, for sure, (Texans say, “Boy howdy,” New Yorkers do not) but also topics of conversations.  For example, if your characters live in Southern California they must always bring up two subjects first: traffic, and the smog.  Oh, you can touch upon minor incidentals such as brush fires or mudslides or the heat or the rising/falling costs of houses, or “Did you feel that earthquake last night?”  But at any gathering or just meeting a friend for lunch, everyone has to comment first on his or her experience on the roads getting to the party or restaurant or whatever, and then they have to weigh in on the day’s air quality.  Continue . . .

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A Chance Meeting

by Barbara Wood last modified Apr 23, 2018 06:48

Last night my husband and I were at our favorite restaurant, and we met an interesting man. My husband met him first. I got a place at the bar where we usually have dinner, and began chatting with some of the regulars. I saw my husband being friendly with some people in a booth. Soon, he came hurrying over to me and said there was a man he wanted me to meet. I went over and was introduced to "John." He was a tall, attractive man with a vibrant personality. He was having dinner with his family and telling interesting stories. Soon, others were stopping by the table to meet John. Other friends of ours came over until there was a crowd there, listening to John's stories, laughing with him and his family. Next thing we know, we're all having our pictures taken with John. After a while, the crowd dispersed to tables and the bar, but not without hugging John first and saying it was great meeting him. Back at the bar we were all talking about this remarkable man who drank red wine and golfed every day. His uniqueness? John is 104 years old. It was an amazing and not-to-be forgotten moment. I think that was why we were all drawn to him, everyone wanting to shake John’s hand, and having our pictures taken with him as though he were a famous celebrity. All these strangers patting him on the back and congratulating him, and he positively soaked it up! I guess we wanted his magic to rub off on us, we wanted him to sprinkle some of his lucky fairy dust on us. We all went back to the bar saying to one another, "Imagine, living that long and still enjoying health and life." I guess you could say John gave us all hope.

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The Far River

by Barbara Wood last modified Apr 15, 2018 16:10

I enjoyed writing my newest book, “The Far River,” (my 30th, actually) as it was about German immigrants, the Schallers, coming to California to make a new life for themselves, and the challenges and trials they had to overcome.  I could relate to that experience because I was an immigrant to California myself and found many strange new things I had to adjust to.  One of the biggest challenges was the language. Ironically, we came from England, but Americans couldn’t understand us! Oh, they had heard English before, in movies, but it was the posh kind that James Bond speaks.  My family came from northern England (Liverpool-Manchester) which is a whole different form of English altogether!  This was before the invasion of the Beatles (after that, Americans considered a north-country accent as cool).  But before then, Americans didn’t know what to make of us.  My brother and I especially, as we were in grade school and all the kids made fun of us.  We worked hard to sound like Roy Rogers.  But it baffled us – Americans actually pronounce their “R’s” and say their “T’s” like “D’s.”  And none of the kids had any idea what a “jam buttie” was or a “dripping sandwich.”
     And don’t even get me started on the difference between “Zed” and “Zee.”

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A Real Taste of History

by Barbara Wood last modified Apr 08, 2018 09:40

I had an amazing time-travel experience this morning.  It was unexpected, and quite a hoot, but one that I wouldn’t wish to repeat. In the wink of an eye, I was flung back to the pre-washing machine era.

Since most of my novels are historical, people tend to think that I must wish I had lived in ages past.  But the truth is, the more I have studied history, the more I am glad I live when I do.  While bygone eras might seem romantic to us, I think that truthfully, we would not find them so pleasant.

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Happy Easter

by Barbara Wood last modified Apr 01, 2018 09:11

Happy Easter everyone! However you are spending it, I hope that you have a wonderful day :)

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