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Author's Inspiration

by Barbara Wood last modified Jul 17, 2018 11:32

A friend of mine is visiting Whitby, England. Her first trip. I have never been to Whitby either.

Apparently it's a beautiful coastal village in eastern England. The photos that I've seen show an absolutely beautiful town with cliffs, a fishing harbor, hilly roads with houses nestled in between. Oh, and the ruins of a 1000 year old Abbey to boot. Pretty much typical fare for England.

What I found particularly intriguing about this cozy little seaside village is that the Abbey is mentioned in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Bram Stoker visited Whitby in the late 1800's and found inspiration there for his most famous work, Dracula.  The 199 steps leading up to the Abbey, names on the gravestones, tales of a shipwreck that had occurred a few years prior.

So many little details that ended up in some form in his manuscript.  As a writer, I identify completely.  I don't go anywhere without a note pad and pencil.  I never know where inspiration will come from - a conversation, a restaurant menu, a drive, a hotel lobby.  Not quite the ruins of an ancient Abbey, but you'd be amazed how a modern day author can be inspired by everyday people and things.

Today, you can have a Dracula experience in Whitby - there is a store front where creepy things await you once you cross the threshold, tours, bed and breakfasts with a Gothic theme.  The connection between the book and Whitby is alive and well.  Well done Bram Stoker!





Happy Valentine's Day!!


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