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Hey B.,
How is it going over there? I am having a short break at university
and just wanted to say again...there's pretty much to do for me at the
moment for I will take my intermedite exam in september. Ok, I don't
wanna bore you with that. So, I actually only wanted to send you
something that is written on a (so called DREAM TIME)
poster I got from Australia...(well, THE DREAMING fell in
my hands again a few days ago...): All around our camp site
things are changing all the time...as the seasons change so do the
colours and animals and the trees and all things of nature...the
animals come and go and leave their marks in the soft earth to be
found by us in time...they tell us a story about who has visited
us. That's it... Oh, by the way, did you get the URL I sent to
you via e.mail? Guess what! It's raining (Zum Glück habe ich meinen
Regenmatel nicht vergessen! ... HAHA) and I wish I could take one of
your books now...but...*sigh*...well, someday soon again...I CAN'T
WAIT! Have a nice day! Steffie




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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