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Cathy Napolitano

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Barbara - Just finished "T.B.S" - wanted to say thanks for writing such a wonderful story! From begining to end, I was completely drawn in to every character and time period. Loved how you tied in historical fact and fiction. We know about the people that existed during those times, through what is learned in high school history, but it really puts a different perspective on it when you focus on what it was to be a specific individual. Makes those history lessons of our past mean something more! Was very moved by Amelia in Acient Rome but what I liked most was the underlieing fact that each person who held the stone found that their strength lay within themselves, not the stone. The power of the human spirit really has no boudaries! It was truely brilliant - can't wait to read more of your work this one being my first. Question; any talk of anyone making "T.B.S" into a motion picture? Is that something we might see in the near future?






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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