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Hazel Black

by The Administrator last modified Mar 02, 2004 06:21

South Africa

Western Cape

Cape Town


Hi Barbara
I have just made the most amazing discovery in years, that would be your books. I was handed a copy of Perfect Harmony, by my mother, and told that I had to read it! Well needless to say I was hooked and devoured that and two more of your novels (being Sacred Ground and The Prophetess). Because I was interested to find out who you were and where you come from, I looked up your site on the internet... and low and behold I discover that, Hey!, I had already read two of your books (Butterfly and Stars). I have to say that you are one of the most entertaining writers I have yet read. Thanks for your wonderful books and stealing me away from daily life. I now sneak away at any opportunity to read your books! Many thanks and keep up the brilliant work.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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