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Heather Shuhart

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I'm a nurse at a local long- term care facility. About a year ago, a copy of Vital Signs was sitting on a table in one of the dining rooms. I saw the title,and thought by the title it would be something of intrest to me, being in the medical field. I brought it home, put it some place, and never even read it. Just recently, I saw it again on my book shelf, and decided to start to read it. I'm not the fastest reader in "Slower Lower Delaware", but I read it within a few days. Couldn't put the book down. I took it to work with me, and every chance I had (have 2 small girls too) I was glued to it. You could really feel inside the women in the story, by feeling their ups and downs. The book flowed nicely! Wonderful Job! Now, I'm on to Domina. Can't wait to finish it too, so I can read the next one






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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