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ward anderson, major, usa

by The Administrator last modified Apr 26, 2004 14:17

United States




hi barbara.....kathryn harvey

i was vacationing in niagara falls, ny and watched channel 11 out of hamilton, ontario...they are heavily advertising a "Butterfly Spa", and by the ads, it seems rather racy and somewhat erotic....i was wondering if they "borrowed" your name from the book.....remember me?...i read "Butterfly" while stationed in Iraq for Desert Storm, and asked you in a letter if there really was a place like "Butterfly".....your answer was great...."Major, if there was really a place like "Butterfly", I would not be sitting in Riverside"....that gave me a real good chuckle.....thanks.....ward anderson

from the tv, i copied their phone number down in case you wanted to "scope" it out....


"Butterfly" is still one of my favorite books




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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