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Maja Belle

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Dear Ms. Wood: Just finished Sacred Ground as an overnighter. Couldn't put it down and am looking forward to visiting my friendly and relatively well stocked--with English books--bookstore in the easily overlooked town of Giessen. I'm exceedingly grateful for the bookstore, which is only 15 minutes from our tiny village, which itself is less than a dot; verdant and bucolic this time of year though, pastures, meadows, orchards. Whinney, mooo. I had never heard of you before I bought Sacred Ground. "Shame on me," she said, chagrined but honestly, especially after having perused a few of the (international) entries in the guest book. Growing up in LA, attending UCLA and having hiked miles in the SaMo Mountains, the cave must have exerted an overwhelming magnetism on me. Hence, I picked it up.
Any movie deals in the offing? Or did I miss those too? I've been out of country for a while.
Continued best wishes for continued succes.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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