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Denise Beauparlant

by The Administrator last modified Oct 08, 2001 01:00



A few years ago I read Green City in the Sun, and I was hooked. I
am an avid reader, but you are able to touch all the senses with your
books, I felt I could feel the dirt you described, smell the air, hear
the sounds, it was a truly incredible experience. I then went on a
quest to find each and every one of your books, reading them usually
within a day. Over the past two years I have been very ill, having to
take such heavy medications that I have been unable to concentrate.
The thing I've missed the most is reading. Then last week my husband
took me out for a treat, and we went to Borders. There I found your
latest book Sacred Ground. When I bought it, my husband looked at me
skeptically, knowing how frustrated I have been not being able to
read. But once I started your book, as usual I couldn't put it down.
What joy you have brought back to my life. Thank you so very much!




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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