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mary beth galvin

by The Administrator last modified Jul 12, 2004 20:02

United States

New Jersey

Saddle Brook


Dear Barbara, You are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE AUTHOR !!! I have read many of your books and want to tell you that when I get one of them in my hands, I cannot put it down. Your writing is Splendiferous !! Is that a word ? Anyway, please continue the GREAT work because everytime I'm in the library, I look for one of your books (and I'm in the library a lot !) I have also gotten all my friends and relatives to read your books. I guess you could say that I'm a Barbara Wood groupie !! I'm now reading The Blessing Stone for the third time - and, I can't put it down. So continue the GREAT work, and write back if you can. Very sincerely yours, Mary Beth Galvin






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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