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Kelli Gough

by The Administrator last modified May 11, 1998 01:00


Hello Barbara! This is very exciting to me, as you are currently my favourite author!
My favourite books of yours are Domina and Virgins of Paradise. I even got my husband to
read The Magdalene Scrolls, and he enjoyed the suspense in it, too. I love how carefully
you research your books, and the fact that you do not write formula fiction.
As a teracher, I am very conscious of reading good books. Your books are
cleverly written and I learn something every time I chose one of your titles. I just
finished reading Perfect Harmony last night. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favourite of
your writings. As I live in Canada, it is sometimes hard for me to get your books quickly.
I noticed a couple of titles on the list which I have not seen in my library's catalogue.
I am also a conscious user of the public library. I feel very strongly that we under-use
such valuable treasures in our society, and that the use it or loose it
reality could strike. It sure is great to actually express my thoughts to my favourite
author. I would love to hear from you! It would be a very exciting thing for me if you
wrote to me personally, but I do not expect it. You must get LOADS of e-mail. Well, keep
writing, and I'll keep recommending you to everyone I know who has a brain and loves to
read. From your avid reader, Kelli Gough




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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