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Andrea Hering

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Hello Barbara,
Thank you for your answer, I was very glad and surprised too when I got your e-Mail.
I've read 'Yesterday's Child' and it was my second novel of yours and surely not the last.
After reading your novel I was in the library for getting more informations about you, but
the biographical information in your novels were a bit sparse and so I've interacted you
over the Internet. For school I will probably soon make a book presentation (was this
right, yet? 'Cause I couldn't find it in the dictionary) in a foreign language. Our
teacher also offerd us short stories for presentating but I thought, it would be good way
to read an Enlish novel. Because 'Yesterday's Child' was the only book which had an
interesting effect on me, I bought it. I have to say I like your style of writing. At the
beginning there was only detailed description of persons and feelings and because I didn't
know the action, it was a bit unusual for me, so I had to get used to it, but going at the
end I could experience more and more suspense and coulnd't put the book away. In a very
exciting moment you've suddenly broken off and I wanted to know the solution, but you
didn't give it, first sides later when I haven't expect anything, you've told the truth
and the truth has all gone over. For example Harriet's letter in which she exonerates her
brother Victor for being an abortionist and a traitor. I also like the end of this novel -
I guess most people like a happy end. But first I haven't understood the meaning of
Andrea's and Victor's meeting how this could be possible but later I got the point. After
reading the book I also have to tell with someone about it for exchanging impressions,
because it was so unbelievable. Surely, in the next few days I will make my presentation
and it will last the whole lesson that means 45 minutes.
Yours, Andrea




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