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Samantha BennettLepel

by The Administrator last modified Nov 19, 2001 01:00

United Staed


HI My name is Samantha and for my 11th grade English class in
Williamson New York we needed to choose an Ammerican author to wirte a
report on.My mom recomended your books and I coose The Profetess(Which
by the way I am absolutely wrapped up in!) The only problem is that
this is the only website that I found which has provided me any
Information on your background( at least in English.) However there
isn't enough information to help me write a complete paper. I realy
would appreciate it if you could provide me with more information,
since I have no where else to turn at the moment. I would realy love
all the information I could get relating to you and how your life is
connected to the book The Profetess. I would like the information most
of all to write a accurtae portral of how your life is related to this
particular novel(Plus it's too late for me to turn around now and
start into another novel). I don't personally have an e-mail adress
and am writting this to you form the computer at the public library in
town, but any information could probably be sent to the high school's
website-something like www.williamsoncentralschools.com/edu Thank you
very much for your time. -Samantha BennettLepel






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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