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Emeline Thermidor

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Dear Barbara,
I'm delighted to have access to the Internet so that I can write these lines to
you.Please excuse me for my mistakes. I'm a french speaking girl who learned english
recently.I've read all your books that I can put my hands on and every time, it's a
wonderful experience.From Domina to Perfect Harmony (which I'm currently reading), with
The Prophetess, Green City in the Sun and the Australian lady, It's like travelling
through times and spaces.I pray God (I'm christian) so that he continues to bless you and
bless your work, as He did, obviously.
I've never read books like yours. I swear. every time I get in a library, I check yours
first And I thank God for the English language I understand, so that I can read your books
at the source.
I'll check your little library to discover your other treasures!
May the Lord bless you Barbara




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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