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Courtney Davids

by The Administrator last modified Jul 17, 1998 01:00


Dear Ms. Woods-
All I can say is, wow. My mother first introduced me to your work when I
was in seventh grade when she handed me a copy of DOMINA. From that moment I finished it I
was anxious to devour the rest of your work. I thought I had, until recently. I was
visiting a nearby town recently and I stopped by their library. Of course, I scanned the
W's looking for your name, when I came across THE PROPHETESS. I immediately whipped out my
library card and checked it out and am currently on page 89. And am anxious to finish the
other novels I was unaware you had penned.
All of your work has been monumentaly influential in my life. As an 18-year-old who is
struggling with the never-ending decisions that accompany impending college life, it is so
amazing to be able to escape to the world of your novels. The way you weave your
stories...I can feel the Egyptian sands, smell the Kenyan soil, and see the Australian
sunset. Your books have allowed me to travel to places that my checkbook (and my parents)
will not permit!
My personal favorite was GREEN CITY IN THE SUN. I read it for the first time in eighth
grade and again as a sophomore. Although VIRGINS OF PARADISE is a very close second.
I always wondered if you had heard of Wilbur Smith? Often times as I'm reading his work
I see fragments of your influence (or is it the other way around?). Regardless, he is
another of my favorite authors whose books I crave.
Well, enough of my rambling...I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with
us and to beg you to provide us with more!
An avid, borderline obsessed reader- Courtney Davids P.O. Box 413 Buffalo Center, IA






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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