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Tamra Orr

by The Administrator last modified Aug 22, 1998 01:00


Hello! I read your book PERFECT HARMONY and truly enjoyed it. I went to my local
library and checked out everything they had by you and then got the rest of them from
Inter-Library Loan. Have just finished CHILDSONG and it was excellent. I was wondering if
you have done any more research on parthenogenesis since you wrote that? Have just started
reading CURSE THIS HOUSE. What particularly impresses me as I am a writer also, is how you
are able to cross genres so well. You write a wide variety of genres and that is rare in
any author.
Hope to keep in touch with you via your web page. If you get the chance, I would be
interested in your religious beliefs. I thought that would make an interesting addendum to
the CHILDSONG. As an agnostic, I am always interested in hearing about various faiths--and
Thank you for your talent and time through your books.
One last note--I have been asked by the local ibrary to lead a reader's group and I am
going to suggest they focus on some of your books. Have you ever had study guides or
reader's guides created for any of them? Appreciate the info!




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