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kat hensley

by The Administrator last modified Oct 12, 1998 01:00


i am an avid reader and usually work through authors until i read all that they have
written and then have to search for a new author worth reading. that is how i
discovered you i picked up perfect harmony off the new books shelf and enjoyed
the book. i love suspense, mystery and adventure, i followed through with a second book,
soul flame, and that is what has prompted me to find you on the web. i loved the book,
just enough romance but not overkill with alot of real info and suspense, however i have a
burning question ever since i finished the book yesterday and i can not get it out of my
head, what happened to Ulrika? there is a story there i feel, about Wulf, Eriic and
Ulrikas journey to find them. i just want to know what happened to her and how she got to
where she needed to go. i am sure the book is old news for you but i searched today and
did not find a follow up on the story line. however i did check out The Prophetess and
hope it is as good as the others. thank you for your time.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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