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Franziska Kusel

by The Administrator last modified Feb 26, 2002 01:00

Germany, Berlin

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Dear Mrs Wood, (ooh, very formal) At first, I had a look in your
guest book.You got so many statements from all over the world.I was
especially surprised when I read Namibia, Chile or Egypt. Well, they
all wrote such nice words, didn't they. I've the time to be in the
internet because the olympic winter games are over now and I'm very
proud that the German sportsmen and -women very so successful. I wanna
tell ya that I like your manner to write, I also admire cats, my one's
called Leila and that I like you because after reading your homepage
you are even more likeable as before after enjoying some of your
books. My first and favorite one is Vital Signs because it
shows that a friendship among really different people can be able to
last many, many years and how decisions or great misfortunes can
influence the life. I'm so impressed because I got my whole life in
front of me. Yes, I'm 17 and my birthday is on September 11th, which
luck that I hadn't have my 18th one last year. Because it was planed
to celebrate in NY, the city I nearly like as much as San Francisco.
In which area of CA do you live now? I aske because my friend is for
10 months in Fresno and she loves the special american way of life.
Okay, I gotta stop now. Wish you all the best. Bye,Franzi. 02/26/2002






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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