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Inge Boelkins

by The Administrator last modified Jan 17, 2005 18:50

United States


Spring Lake


Dear Barbara: I am a native of Germany. I met my American husband in 1953 and came to MI in 1954. One of our 3 children met an Australian girl, married her and they live on the Central Coast.
I missed for years being able to speak my mother tongue but about 15 years ago we were able to get German TV. And of late we get some TV movies. I checked out the content of TRAUMZEIT and thought it ought to be interesting. I thought it was a great movie. The two main actors were well chosen.

I read mostly non-fiction, I just have so much time.Life has presented me with stories that are sometimes better than fiction. I must admit I have never read any of your books but I probably will now. Where more of your books made into movies? into German as well as English movies?

I would enjoy hearing from you,
thank you for a story with a couple of good morals,

Inge Boelkins
Spring Lake, MI




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