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Crystal Coyote

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Dear Miss? Ms? Mrs? Wood,
Or may I be so bold as to call you Barbara? I find your choice of writing material even
more fascinating than my choice of readsing material.
We were first introduced, although strictly in a reader/writer form, courtesy of a
little work of yours titled The Magdalene Scrolls over a dozen years ago. The
book arrived in my hands a dusty, yellowed, dog-eared copy dug from the depths of my new
bride's rather imposiing collection of books. To say I was enthralled is an
understatement. To say that it was one of many steps towards a current change in my life,
is the truth.
I have just completed a First Edition of The Prophetess, the only other
book of your authorship I have read, to find this rather interesting theme rearing it's
interesting head once more. Where did you find the inspiration for such works? More
importantly, where have you found the research material? I can't help but marvel at the
ring of truth struck by such works of Fiction, thus I can only assume that
there is more at work than meets the eye. I find a similar situation in a work of my own
hand, currently.
I have just recently finished an unusual class in religion, ritual, magic, and
witchcraft at a local college taught by a very unusual instructor - Dr. Hank
Wesselman, author of the books Spiritwalker and Medicinemaker. It
was postulated in this class (nay, should I say accepted?) that Jesus, Krishna, Buddah,
Mohammed and others were, in fact, merely manefestations of the same being, brought to as
comfort in times of need, or as lights when we have lost our way.
We also discussed the roles, now diminished but rising, played by women in religion
throughout history. The idea was put forth, and seemingly accepted, that perhaps women are
better receptors of spiritual energy than are men, for the most part. The creation of the
currently male dominated roles in religion became the topic of much debate.
Only in your two books, however, have the roles of such women in relation to the
dominance of Catholicism been explored so thoroughly. I am, I do say, impressed, and would
relish the opportunity to discuss such things with you further. E-mail, snail-mail, chat,
whatever you see fit. I am quite sure you get a lot of this, so no reply is
Crystal Coyote






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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