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Nayantara Ghosh

by The Administrator last modified Jan 08, 1999 01:00


Dear Barbara ! I wish ALL WOMEN in this world could read your books and share the
wisdom, inspiration, ancient knowledge and heritage passed down over the centuries. I just
completed The Virgins of Paradise while travelling through my homeland India
and found the most incredible parallels. Wish you could write another enthralling novel on
India - Mother India - and how poor India would be without its women and mothers. I was
born to a very traditional Indian father and an Austrian mother, artist, who went to India
after partition to discover the colours, perfumes, ancient paths of knowledge and wisdom
and fell in love with it ( and my father ). So here I am a traveller between the worlds,
actually galaxies that are Europe and India, reading your book, and finding myself in
there. I can´t wait for your next book/s ! PLease accept my sincerest respect and
gratitude for sharing those innermost feelings with all of us who are Strangers in
a Strange Land yours Nayantara




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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