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Domenica Tiffany Anna Kas

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Dear Barbara!
I'm reading your book The paradise (I'm not sure if that's the original title - ?), the one about Egypt. Well, I'm a VERY BIG FAN of Egypt, I've been there and I have many friends there, mostly girls in my age (16-17) who come from very rich families in Cairo and Alexandria. Always when I've been together with them, we have so much fun and we're the best friends that exist on earth...but on everything we have talked, we never talked about their past. It was just not important. But now, reading about rich families in Cairo and poor families on the countryside in the 1940s and 50s...I realize that I'm reading about THEIR past. And it's shocking!!! I'd never thought it was sooo strict over there!!! I'm really shocked!! Well, I know how conditions are, even by now (relationship between the different sexes)...but now it's coming to my mind that it could still be harder than I thought it would be.
Next I wanted to ask: Do your characters in the book represent real persons who have really existed in reality? Is really everything true?
Nevertheless, you've done a GREAT JOB, really, I love your book just like I love all your books, your my absolutely FAVORIT author!!!!! I'm so excited about how it will end...will Khadija find out about her past? :-)

Well, you're great and I'm always sooo enthusiastic about your books!! Go on writing!!!

Ciaobaci from Italy,






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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