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Anna Philipson

by The Administrator last modified May 06, 2002 01:00



My name is Anna..and i am a young women,borned in sweden, but now since August living in the US. I have just read your book VitalSigns and think it is a wonderfull book. I loved it. Sondra,Ruth and Mickey got me trapped to their lives. I could not put the book down while reading. And since I'm now soon in the same stage in ly life as they where in , the book made me think a lot. About what actually is importent in life, what I wanna do with my future, work, husband, kids?.....yeh, I really liked your book...and I am sure gonna buyaun to your home page right now...well it is because I am a Semester Project about ...yeh..belive it or not...YOU:)...But keep on writing....and do ur best!!!!.Good Luck / Anna






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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