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Steffi Meyer

by The Administrator last modified Jan 16, 1999 01:00


Dear Barbara Wood, I have read several of your books now and really love them ! It's
usually big fun and I don't feel like I'm reading but watching a very good movie. Mostly I
cannot stop reading before I know how all ends and that's why it never takes me very long
to finish reading your books. There is no one I could call my favourite because each one
is so special. For Christmas I got your new one Perfect Harmony which I love
aswell . . . (* Please see Webmaster note at end of post). I
thought I was watching a soap opera. Anyway I liked it for it was so unexpected. I wish
you all the best and many creative ideas for new stories !!!
Love, Steffi
PS:I have a question: Could you imagine to write one of your books as a play for
theatre ? In my opinion it's hard for it's difficult to keep scenes on a stage as exciting
as they're written in your books...anyway I'd find it interesting.

* Note: A portion of this message was edited to maintain the suspense
for Ms. Wood's readers who may not have read Perfect Harmony yet. My apologies for
the intrusion.
Your humble Webmaster.




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