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Santiago de Chile


Dear Barbara, First of all I would like to Thank You for your gift, i mean your imagination,your messages, and everything. My English, Dear Lady, is not so good, because i speak Spanish, but i´ll try to send you a clear message. I am 26 years old,I'm a Translator, and the most important thing on my life, is my Dear Baby of 2 years; Now i´m working in a Call Center as an Operator, but it is a very tired work (i´ts 10:23 A.M. in Chile), and I have already finish your Book THE PROPHETESS, translated into Spanish, obviously. It is very interesting, and I have some questions. First, this Book has a Real Information?, I mean, the Story of Sabina is real?. Have you ever visit the Vaticano? Do you really know the place where are those cripts? Do you understand my questions Lady?. Who really was, or is Miles Harvers? Is he part of your imagination?. Sorry because of my questions, but it is very important for me? Dear Barbie, I would like that you can send me an answer and I will be waiting for a Hello, for me to show it to My Sister, who is also follower of your Books. Thank you again, God bless you, And if some Day you visit Santiago of Chile, I would like that you can visit my home. Thanks you a Lot, and ADIOS, CHAO, NOS VEMOS , in Chilean Language, I mean Bye Bye.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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