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Cheryl Weight Herman

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Dear Barbara,

Today I completed reading The Phophetess. Your beautiful insights to life have me wondering; Do your sources include a Teacher?

I have been studying The Way since I was twelve. First by the insistance of my mother, then of my own accord. I have a teacher. When I first met him at the age of twelve he read my mind. Right there in the coffee shop. And then I knew. This is for real. Since, I have had many remarkable experiences, and insights. I have known a modern day messenger (as you refer). He passed on when I was twenty-nine. Although his works, or as he called them, Life's Teachings are still alive.

I would love to share my story with the world and tell of my
experiences along The Way. In hopes to share with the world that there are still great teachers among us. Those that are not greedy, that will work with you with nothing, NOTHING, expected in return.

I suppose it may be possible that you knew this man. He spent his last years in California.

When I finished your book this morning I was going over the Seven Truths of Enlightenment and doing a litte comparing to what I have studied all these years. Although yours is simplified and told with different words from a different time, the message is still the same.

I was approached by someone once that wanted to write parts of my story. I was uncomfortable with him and chose not to share with him my story.

I would love to hear from you. And share my story so that possibly, even through fiction, the message could be spread.

I look forward to your reply.

Cheryl W. Herman




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