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OMG Barbara u mailed me! when I saw the e-mail I was like O...M...G!! lol.
My mom is also crazy for the books, she will be very pleased to hear that u mailed me, it's really cool that ure learning chinese, it's a very hard language with the tones and all the characters :
but well it is always fun a new challenge...
I started reading Perfect Harmony again... I love it's so amazing, the end is great by the way, and last week I finished the prophetess (sp?) it was great too!! u really know a lot about computers, eh? lol well I love all ure books I've probably said that a thousand times...


PS: I wasnt sure if I should mail u back or leave a message here, I'm leaving a message here cause it's more likely for u to see it here since ure mail is probably FULL of fans :D




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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