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Susan Williams

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Dear Barbara,

I was thrilled to find this site. I am a huge fan of your books!! In fact, I was in our town's rare and used book store today trying to find some of your older works that I haven't been able to get my hands on. I just finished Night Trains and loved it!!! Each of your books holds a special place in my heart. I am a Spanish teacher at a local intermediate school and as always, love to encourage my kids to read. They are under the impression that I am only suppose to read in Spanish!! Therefore, I take the opportunity to tell them about your books and how they have been translated into many languages. I love to be able to share with them how one's talents can be shared with the world. This is especially important in the case of my kids. They come from an area of extreme poverty and live in a world of survival where books are considered a luxury.

Thanks so much for your inspirational and educational books. I think that they hit home with me because of several reasons. First, I have enough hours in anthropology to have a minor. Second, my first love in life was reading. My second and third were archaeology ( My professors never looked like Harrison Ford!!) and medicine. ( I was pre med before turning to teaching.) Therefore, they are right up my alley.

I hope to be able to find some of your out of print books so that I can finish reading the whole collection. I look forward to your future works and assure you that for as long as the spirit moves you to write, there will be people clamoring to read your ingenious and wonderful books.

Yours truly,

Susan Williams

Lake Jackson, Texas






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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