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Dan Judd

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Dan Judd epdi@sstelco.com http://home.talkcity.com/EmoticonBlvd/firecats
Kittens saved, Jobs lost in fire Pryor, OK Last year I let a pregnant stray cat into the
office to have her kittens. 5 days after she did, on 2/6/98, the office was destroyed by a
fire started by a water cooler in the office next door. I went in and rescued the cat and
her kittens, but we lost everything else in the process. The rescue made the front page of
a couple newspapers then, but everybody was laid off 8 days before Christmas except one
Vo-Tech/Rehab guy and myself.
We've been getting lied to and stonewalled by the companies responsible (Oasis
Manufacturing, Chubb Insurance and Coca-Cola Bottling) for over a year. While they're
passing the buck amongst one another, we're going out of business and losing our jobs.
This is the only place I know to turn. Please take a look at our site and write or call
those companies with your opinion.
We only want your e-mail and vocal support - NOTHING ELSE! The only people who owe us
anything are the ones who are destroying our business and our jobs. When our business was
burning, the number one priority in my life was saving those kittens, but now we need your
help to save our jobs. Please help!
Danny, Raylene, Ben, Dan and Duke.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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