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Barbara Henning R.N.,&nbs

by The Administrator last modified Jul 21, 2002 01:00

Tehachapi, California  93561


Hello Barbara:

You may not remember me, we worked together at Santa Monica Hospital many years ago. I just finished Green City In The Sun
for the third time. It means more to me every time I read it. I introduced a friend of mine (Dr. Dwight
Mogge) to your books about a year ago and he says that he cannot get anything done anymore because he is like me, once I start reading your books, I stop everything else. Thank you for so many hours of wonderful reading !
I am so happy for you that your work is going to be on German Television. Dwight wants to know if we have to go to Germany to see the series or will it be coming here?

Thank you again, I just cannot believe that Spielberg has not picked up on ony one of your books and transferred them to the Big Screen.

Especially Green City

Thank you again...........Barbara Henning




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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