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Maggie Gold

by The Administrator last modified Jul 21, 2002 01:00

Canada - Vancouver, B.C.


Dear Ms. Wood: I have just finished Sacred Ground and loved evey minute of it.
I was thinking that this is such a vast subject and was wondering if you had considered doing
a series or an anthology taking us back, and indeed, forward from this book, giving greater detail
of this family, and other California families. I did not want this book to end and love the history,
and would love to learn more in your own wonderful inimitable style. One of my all time favourite books
is Green City in the Sun, and I also totally loved The Dreaming.
Maybe it's also that I love thick books of 600 pages plus - perhaps I am in the minority in this, or perhaps
it just takes too long to write something like Green City, so that's why your other books have been
smaller. In any case, I love them and I thank you so much for giving me so much reading pleasure.
Sincerely, Maggie Gold




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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