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Jane Stoll

by The Administrator last modified Jul 22, 2002 01:00


Hello, Barbara!

I'm finally online!--a little surprise gift from my computerly gifted husband. I sent you a snail mail letter, not knowing that William was going to spring this on me, bless him!

I don't think I have your current e-mail address. I'd like very much to stay in touch with you. My writing career is still in the works. If you don't mind, would you, oh, could you, please zap me a line so we can share wit wisdom again? I miss writers' discussions and such, and I have come across some
mondo-cool books that raise the question (as my Aussie friend Shelley put it): Why the hell has patriarchy lasted so long?!

Do people pick up on this subtle(!) vein in your work? The people I've met here who read you (all women, my age on up) say they can't think of anyone else who consistently puts out strong woman hero books. I certainly hope your works are selling well, because we need them!

The changes going on in ZOE strengthen the fem. hero's position and make her even more important to the book's outcome. For years I could not write a decent fem. hero to save my life--not until I had read your work and biographies of strong women, studied women's history and goddess myths, and, finally, became able to visualize the Supreme Being/great Spirit/Cosmos as feminine. This is still difficult for me, growing up so utterly Protestant (Hey! Everybody! God's a man! The Bible is the script for the original Man Show...what's that??? He had a MOTHER? Get outta here!!!

Oops, I'm getting long-winded. And it's almost 1 am.

Say hi to George!

Love, Jane




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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