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Steve Franceschi

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Ms. Wood,

I was doing some research online( okay I was goofing off at work)when I discovered your site. I had not known till today that Kathryn Harvey was really Barbara Wood. I am not familar with Barbara's books but I have read Butterfly and Stars repeatedly and both books covers are well worn. I am definately going to check the rest of your titles out!

Has anyone approached you about a screenplay of Butterfly? I really feel that this novel would make an excellent mini series on TV. I don't think a 2 hour movie could capture the passion or scope of the book. Of course many of the physical elements would have to be toned down unless it was done for Cable TV. Anyway, as a budding writer I am very glad I found your site. Please again know that Butterfly is one of my favorite books ever. Keep
'em coming.

Steve Franceschi




Happy New Year!!!




Happy Valentine's Day!!

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