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Islam Attia

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Dear Barbara...

I am in LOVE with your book Virgins of Paradise!

I first came across it while in High school at the age of 16. Being of Egyptian descent, I could relate to every single page of this enchanting tale! You made me smell Egypt and taste Egypt. I also began to develop a relationship with your characters. It got to the point where I felt like I knew them personally and I missed them everytime I had to put the book down. I even worried about them!

You really did an excellent job of putting those characters to life. Now, being 25 and a film and television major, I had the chance to once again read my all-time favourite story... this time, under a different light.
As soon as I picked up the book, I felt like my old friends missed me back. I felt like I wanted to tell them of all the changes I've went through since I've last seen them. I often had fantasies in my head of what each character looked like... I could even hear their voices throughout the dialogue. Once on the bus, I met a woman and I felt like I knew her... It took me a good while, but I figured out that I have never actually even seen her before! She just reminded of your character Amira.

Now, with my educational background and your permission and support, I realised that I could possibly have the opportunity to resurrect some of my old friends. What do you think about perhaps turning your book into a film or a mini-series?

I have a lot of really big ideas for this tale and I would love to share my thoughts with you on this crazy fantasy of mine. Hmmm... In other words, perhaps I could convince you?!?!?! :)
I would really appreciate your feed-back on this since seems totally unfair for us to keep this gem all to ourselves.
Waiting for your response,
Islam Attia, Toronto noussa@rocketmail.com






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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