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Hi Barbara,
I must say that I am a big fan of yours. I've been reading your books for years now and
introduced them to all my family and friends who simply love them as well.
When I was first given Green City in the Sun as a Christmas present I did not even want
to read it because I found the cover so offputting. Nevertheless, I started it that very
evening many many years ago and read through it until the next day. I did love it so much
that over the years I've read it again and again and always find myself crying over the
same pages ... I even read it in three different languages. I think it is my all-time
Honestly I have never been very interested in BC stories, but since I already had read
one of your books I read Soulflame and loved it as well. Since that day I've been buying
them all.
Only three weeks ago I passed a bookshop and found Perfect Harmony in English, I bought
it and read it on the train journey from Cologne/Germany to Paris - and the second half on
the journey back two days later.
How come you are so into e-mails, computers and the internet and surveillance in the
last two books? I find it highly interesting, but it seems to be kind of different from
the past books. Also, I was wondering if Harmony products really exist - I was reading The
Breaker by Minette Walters last night and found on one page that a person was taking a
Harmony product. Just co-incidence?
Anyway, let me just assure you that I do love your books a lot and that I cannot wait
to read the next ones. I am not even sure if you're planning to or not - before looking
through your pages I decided to get this mail off.
Sincerely yours, Andrea from Germany.




Happy New Year!


It's A Wonderful Life!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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