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Hello Barbara!
Um... I don't know what can I say you... Sorry, first because I don't speak English very well. But I'm studing it.
Three or four months ago. I go in to a small bookshop of my city. The saleswoman to recomend me one of yours books Virgins of Paradise (Las vírgenes del
paraíso) . I wasn't very sure to buy, because this book was too big for my age. (I'm 13 years). But like the woman persist. I buy it. The past month I go to this bookshop in I buy other of your books Green city in the sun
(Bajo el sol de Kenia). And tomorrow I will go to this shop for buy other of your books. I love this!!!!! I thing you write VERY well and explain a very interesting stories. My friends say me: How you can read this books?¿?¿ But I don't mind.
SORRY for the mistakes.
Thank you for lend to us your talend. THANK YOU




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