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Robin Rexroad

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I have been a fan of yours since you wrote "Domina." I was wondering when
you would write another book, and then I saw "Sacred Ground." Wow! It was
great, as always, and did not disappoint. It was exciting, and I loved the
biographies of the different women in the Topaa tribe. I did not want the
book to end. I have enjoyed each of your books, and have read many of them
twice. Thanks for writing good books that are exciting without stooping
to swear words and steamy love scenes all the time. I think one of my favorites
is "Green City in the Sun." I don't know why that book captured my imagination.
I have thought of it often since I read it, and I intend to read it again.

Thanks again for a great story. I can't wait until the next one comes out!!!




Happy Valentine's Day!!


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