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san luis obispo


Hi, my name is nadege, and I wanted to tell you how much I love your books. I'm french, and so the first book I read was in french, I wasn't into novels before, and a friend of mine let me borrow the virgins of paradise, and I just loved it. Now I live in california with my husband, expecting my baby, and my husband has to run to the library every week to get a new novel of yours. I don't understand why but I have a hard time finding your books, I used to go to borders and they never hold your books. I'm amazed buy the reality of your stories, how it takes real events, like medical research, and I think it is what makes me love your books so much, because it is not only love stories, but the fight that women have to go through all the time. Please write me back, I would love to talk about it. Thank you.






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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