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Sara ThunderBear

by The Administrator last modified Sep 24, 2002 01:00

Lexington, KY, USA


Barbara: The opportunity came to me to have some time to read, 12 hours
a day for the last few days. I had read through the books on my "to read"
shelf, and at the horror of having to sit another shift without something
to fill the time, I stopped in a Kroger store to peruse what they had to
offer in hopes of grabbing something of interest. It was the title of your
book that made me lift it from the shelf and go through the checkout, as
I had forgotten my glasses and couldn't decipher what the print had to say.
So, I opened Sacred Ground and began to read. I so enjoyed your work.
Having lived in Topanga Canyon in the 60's, and being of some native american
bloodlines, I found your story lovely. Thank you for what you do so well!






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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