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Kim Collins

by The Administrator last modified Oct 18, 2005 11:46

United States



I really love your books and I tell all my freinds about them and we share our thoughts about the expereince of reading your books. I truly believe that your books are an experience and they transport the reader to the place and time, and we are all unhappy when they are over and we must return to our ordinary lives. I'm having trouble locating a copy of the Star of Babylon-can anyone help me? I've checked online and at the libraries, have the copies been released in the US yet? Anywhere I can find one, usually they are really expensive and they take up to 8 weeks for delivery. Can anyone help me out with any information? If so, of if you just want to discuss any of the books, please feel free to email me at *******@yahoo.com [e-mail address modified by webmaster to protect poster's privacy].

Thanks again Mrs Wood-You continue to impact my life with every novel I read!






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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