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Kristina Kröger

by The Administrator last modified Jul 29, 1999 01:00

http://I don't have any so far


I'd just like to thank you for all the books you've written! In
1997 I started with The dreaming-A novel of Australia and
I was enthusiastic about. So far, I've read 11 of your books and I
liked everyone. My favorites are your big books (
The dreaming, Green City in the sun,
Virgins of paradise, The prophetess and of
course Perfect Harmony) I'm really looking forward to your
next work and I hope it'll be very fast in Germany. I would like to
read one of your books in the original, but I'm afraid of not
understanding everything, because it's hard to read something which
isn't written in your mother tongue. I'm waiting for your next work, a
big Thank you and lots of love from Germany, bye Kristina






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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