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Annette Rosell

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Barbara! I am a "new" reader of your books! My aunt came to me during the
springtime and she had brought a book - Sacred ground. She thought I should
like to read it. And I really did. So I have also read, Domina and the book
of the rainbowsnake - I have forgot the title. And I have also read your
book about the tree female women who studied to doctors. And how their lifes
went on. I am very interested in history and about people who have lived
for a long time. How the white people are coming and taking away there ground
and areas. So when you are writing about indians and the aborgin people I
am so thrilled.
When I read your books I understand that you are doing a lot of resarch. How do you do it?
Are you going to library or are you talking to people with knowledge?

I can see both in Sacred gound and
the rainbowsnake that you must have done a lot of history resarch - is it
easy or does it take you a lot of time?
In your medical books as Domina and
the 3 women who became doctors - you seems to have such a perfect knowledge
about different terms in medication, sickness and the different parts of
the body.
We do here in Sweden have an auther,
Elsie Rydsjö, she is now 83 years old. She is writing novells in history
situations. You can follow her back to 1200 and then up to 1800. She is writing
about how women went with there husbands to the big war in Polen. How they
could servive and how their life was. She is writing about the first female
teacher. About a glasfactory - she is professor in history and she writes
very good novells.
You are writing in the same speciell warm, nice and interesting way, so I am happy to say that I got a new book-friend.

Good luck and God bless you in the future!

With love Annette Rosell




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