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Dear Barbara, I'm Carmen from Barcelona-Spain. I would like to say
you that I love your books. I have read all your books and the last
one will be Domina (in Spainish. This augost I read Constantes
Vitales I loved it. Always I enjoy a lot with your books, but
obviously I have preferences between them. For me the best was
Las virgenes del Paraiso, after Bajo el Sol de
Kenya and Harmonia Rota. The books that I dislike
were, i do not remenber the tillet, but is about a pregnancy of a girl
in a dream and the La profetisa. but, the rest were
fantastics. By other hand, your books give me a warm memmories
because was my sister who introduced me in your literature.
Unfortunately she died in a trafic accident 3 years ago, but the last
one that I remember speaking with her before our last
good-bay was talking about your book Bajo el sol de
Kenya menwhile she put in my hands the book Las Virgenes
del Paraiso. She tall me: When I come back from holidays, I hope
you has finished this and we can comment it. But, she never come
from this trip. This is the reason, because your books give me a
confortable feel. She loved your books and thanks to her I have had
the possibility to love them too.
Thanks for all Barbara. Ah, I forgot, I have a friend that never
read. Now she is reading all your books because when I finish one I
give her it. Today she says: I finiseh Constantes Vitales
Have you another one?.
Sorry for my english, and know that you have here a good fan.




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