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Dear Barbara,
I just finished reading Perfect Harmony and the only
thing I can say is: 'wonderful', and so I have to pay you again many
compliments. Your writing is so great and in my opinion there isn't
any word that could really describe how fantastic and terrific your
books are, in fact you can say that they are alive . And I
would like to thank you for all these hours of reading enjoyment when
I wasn't able to stop reading one of your books. I think the right
mixture of tension, love story, history, traditions, the spirit of
foreign countries, destiny, other mentalities, tragedies and
especially of your skills as authoress make your books so good. In
your letter you sent me in april you wrote that you would publish a
new book called Quantum Love but in fact I haven't found
an announcement for the date of publication yet. I'm really looking
forward to this novel. I hope you will keep on writing because if you
won't, the world will lose one of its best authors.
Thanks again for your nice letter and it would be nice if you could
send me a mail or a letter again.
yours Judith from Germany
e-mail: judith_frie@gmx.de






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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