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Wanda Holcombe

by The Administrator last modified Dec 31, 2002 08:07

United States




Thank you for another great book, Sacred Ground. My great great Grandmother was Choctaw and I appreciate all your efforts to keep the stories alive of the rich indian heritage. Dreaming was the first book of yours that I read and have been a fan ever since. One of the best works I have read that honors the wisdom of the Aboriginals of Australia where I use to live and work with the Aboriginals in the outback.
I hope some day you will consider writing a story of the three cultures in Malaysia with your great insights on the gifts of various cultures. Their stories need to be told with your insights and gift of weaving a story that honors all perspectives and culture. Best wishes in all your writing...an invaluable gift to enabling the honoring and living in a world of diversity.
Grace & Peace,
Wanda Holcombe






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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