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Christoph Mantz

by The Administrator last modified Nov 07, 1999 01:00


Hello Mrs. Wood, i´ve just read your book Green city in the
sun and i wanted to tell you, that i like it very much. I´´ve
read it in german and it´´s called Rote Sonne, schwarzes
Land. This means something like red sun, black
country. My girlfriends grandma lived in swakobsmund, a small
coutry in south-western Afrika, for about 45 years, and then came back
to germany. She was like Mona. She fell in love with a jewish man, who
had to escape from the nazis. Her parents told her to stay at least
for one more year in germany, to think it over. After the year passed,
she went there. It took her about 3 months to get there. She went by
ship and by train. When she arived at the station, the train was
waiting, until her fiance (I think it is called fiance, the she wants
to marry?) and his whole family arrived at the station to fetch her.
They married a few days later. After nine years, she was about 28
years old, her husband died. She managed their farm on her own and
even watched for her three childreen. One of the childreen dien
through a trafficaccident, when he was 4 years old. She married
another man and was divorced afterwards. then, I think 45 years later,
she had to sell the farm, and go back to germany. She was married
again to the father of my girlfriends father. She´s now 96 years old
and lives in Duesseldorf, nearby cologne. She´s very ill and has to
stay in a hospital, the only place she wanted to be. She always wanted
to return to africa and live with her daughter. My girlfriend read
your book first and told me to read it. I have to say that I have
never read any of your books before, but I´m really enjoying it. It
gives me great pleasure and I can relax during reading it. I´m 26
years old and not the average reader of your books, at least I think
so. I just wanted to tell that I thank you very much, to let me
participate to my girlfriends grandma´s life. Thank you, Christoph
Mantz Florastr. 95-97 50733 Köln (Cologne) Germany






Happy Valentine's Day!!


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